Why Lumbini Peace Marathon?

Updated 09:41 PM, Tuesday 26th of March 2019

The world’s first and only spiritual marathon in the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini Peace Marathon is designed to be one of the unique marathons in the country. Lumbini Peace Marathon not only carries the spiritual importance of Lumbini but also highlights the historical importance of the place. The marathon is scheduled on March 12 (Full moon day), the day Buddha returned to his Kingdom after attaining enlightenment.

Lumbini Peace Marathon covers most of the important places of Lord Buddha’s life starting from his birth to some of the outrageous historic heritage sites. It brings new meaning to the long forgotten heritage sites such as Niglihawa and Arorakot that are an integral part of Buddhism. Its primary target, after sports, is to promote the local sites and its importance not only in terms of Buddhism but also in terms of its history.


Niglihawa: the birthplace of Kanakmuni Buddha, one of the earlier Buddha before Shakyamuni Buddha (Sidhhartha Gautam).

*photo credit: Lumbini Development Trust

With an aim to develop, promote and protect historical heritages around Lumbini, Lumbini Peace Marathon will donate funds collected to Lumbini Development Trust. This event wants Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, to be well recognized around the globe and shall willing work towards its promotion. The event also helps in benefitting the local environment and its people.

Lumbini Peace Marathon is the perfect choice for adventure enthusiasts for it provides the most thrilling opportunity for the adventure seekers to fulfill their thirst. It also invigorates athletics and forgotten histories among the younger generation in Nepal as well as the World.


26 Mar 2019

Why Lumbini Peace Marathon?

The world’s first and only spiritual marathon in the birthplace…

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